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Kiernan Shipka is featured in Marie Claire’s April 2015 Issue. I’ve added 5 flawless new images of her shoot photographed by Emman Montalvan to our photo gallery. To learn what she’s wearing or for more information on the article, be sure to check out the original article at!

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Here’s what the 15-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her last day on the set of Mad Men: “It was very bittersweet — a really good time, but very sad. Lots of tears.”

On fan mail: “A lot of fans will address me as Sally — which I take as a compliment. Like, ‘Oh, I hate your dad! Your mom’s the worst! I want to give you a hug.’”

On daily style: “Fun and simple. Right now, I’m wearing overalls, a white shirt, a gray cardigan, and some sneakers.”

On what’s next: “I don’t know what my sweet 16 holds, but my quarter birthday is coming up! So that’s what I’m thinking about.”

This entry was posted on April 7, 2015 filed under Articles, Interviews, Mad Men, News, Television — No one on Mad Men has changed more over the last 85 episodes than Kiernan Shipka’s Sally Draper. Shipka was just six when the show debuted in 2007, and since then, her character has transformed from a smiling kid at the breakfast table to a sullen, cigarette-carrying teen. While longtime viewers may feel a connection to Sally because we quite literally watched her grow up, her character has also become a portal for children of the sixties to re-experience their own youth. “This guy once came up to me and said, ‘I’m Sally Draper,’ ” Shipka, now 15, told us by phone. “It’s kind of this thing, like, oh my gosh, this character resonates with so many people.” As the nostalgia builds ahead of Mad Men’s final season, we spoke to Shipka about her favorite moment with Jon Hamm, working with eight different onscreen brothers, and whether or not she’ll end up in fashion.

Because of the sometimes-sensitive nature of Mad Men, you have said that you watched a censored version of the show. Have you gone back and watched the whole thing yet? Yeah, I’ve watched it and now I’m kind of going back and sifting through them again and watching episodes I really like—I like all of them—but some of the more memorable ones to me.

What’s your favorite Sally episode? A really fun memory for me was season two, episode four. Sally got to go to the office with Don, and it was really, really fun for me. I had met pretty much all the cast members, but I never got to work with them and I’d never really been to that portion of the set before.

Was that the same episode where Sally accidentally drinks Don’s drink? Yeah. [Laughs]

How old were you when that scene was filmed? I was probably seven.

Often your character faced some age-inappropriate scenarios. Were you aware of what was happening? The thing is that I was always very focused on Sally’s storyline. I didn’t watch the show or go to the table reads, but . . . it never felt like people were shielding me.

Have you read any of the conspiracy theories about the show? I have read some because I know there’s a whole Sharon Tate thing and it’s kind of really cool to see people that involved and excited about the show. It’s so wild how in depth people go and how specific and detail-oriented they can get to trace these little things. I honestly, above all, just find it fascinating.

Do you have any favorite memories with Jon Hamm? Jon is an amazing guy and he’s been great to work with. We’ve always had fun together on set. There’s this photo that I love and he loves and it’s of Sally in her little ballerina costume and she’s sitting on his lap and it’s just heartbreakingly sweet because she’s so happy! It’s just such a sweet moment . . . . It sticks out to me as a special little capturing of their father-daughter relationship.

There have been a number of Bobbys, your onscreen younger brother, throughout the years. How was that for you? Personally, I was a fan of all the Bobbys. I kind of wasn’t informed [of any of the casting changes], which was kind of funny. Just kind of one day you walk onto set and you’ve got a new bro. It’s kind of funny . . . but I got to work with eight great kids!

Did you get to keep any of your wardrobe? I think everyone got to keep a little something. I got to keep a necklace. But for the most part, the clothing went back to Western Costume or any of the clothing houses. I mean, [a lot of the costumes] are at museums like the Smithsonian . . . so I can go visit.

You’re known for being sartorially savvy. Do you think you’ll end up becoming a fashion designer? Oh, no. Honestly, I love wearing fashion, but I tried to sew once, and it took me a year to sew the dress. By the time that it was all complete, I had grown out of it. The last time I dabbled in that, it did not go well. Who knows, though, who knows? But I’m sticking with acting, I think.

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Kiernan Shipka‘s sophisticated appearance at the Mad Men Black & Red Ball on Wednesday, March 25, in Los Angeles, is a less-than-appreciated reminder that time is getting away.

For the bash celebrating the final seven episodes, the 15-year-old actress wore a tea-length black Miu Miu dress with silver trimming. Shipka, who plays the character of Sally Draper on the hit AMC series, accessorized with silver sandals and a matching metallic clutch. She wore her hair slicked back into a loose bun, paired with glowing skin and edgy silver and black eyeliner.  300+ lovely photos have been added to our gallery.

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Actress Kiernan Shipka attended the AMC Networks and IFC Films Spirit Awards After Party on February 21, 2015 in Santa Monica, California. 6 medium quality photos have been added to our gallery.

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Kiernan Shipka attended the 17th Costume Designers Guild Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Tuesday (February 17) in Beverly Hills, California.

Prim and polished, the ‘Mad Men’ star presented a rather grown-up look while still maintaining plenty of youthful flair wearing a chic Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2015 dress rendered in a rare dark palette. Styled with a simple black Edie Parker clutch, Brian Atwood black satin ‘Melly’ sandals and Jennifer Meyer jewels. 200+ photos have been added to our site.

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Kiernan Shipka caught up with Indiewire at SXSW to discuss the end of “Mad Men” and her first leading role in the drama “One & Two.” — 2015 is a big year for Kiernan Shipka. The 15-year-old actress, best known to audiences as Sally Draper on AMC’s “Mad Men,” will be saying goodbye to the hit show that brought her fame as it wraps up its seventh and last season this spring — and hello to a new post-“Mad Men” stage of her already budding career.

The talented teen has kept busy during the hiatuses of “Mad Men” by appearing in a number of TV movies/shows and features, including Lifetime’s “Flowers in the Attic” and “Very Good Girls,” opposite Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen. But this year sees her stepping out in a bigger way by leading Andrew Droz Palermo’s provocative narrative debut “One & Two” (his first feature was the Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary “Rich Hill”).

In the drama, Shipka plays Eva, a teenager with unique abilities who has lived her entire life closed off from the outside world. When her mother falls mysteriously ill, Eva and her brother Zac (Timothee Chalamet) flee their family in search of some answers.

You’re going through a huge transition right about now with “Mad Men” ending and your film career beginning to flourish. It’s totally new and it’s really super nice so far. “One & Two” is the first movie I filmed after I wrapped “Mad Men,” and it was a great experience to go into after all that. I’m really happy with the turnout, and it’s been fun. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work on that movie.

What drew you to “One & Two”? It’s a tough film to describe for an interview without giving away its many secrets. It’s an interesting screenplay and it left me wondering, curious about the vision of the film. Once I talked to Andrew — we talked a few times over Skype — he gave me his perspective and a lot of great references. And obviously our DP Autumn [Durald] captured it so beautifully. It was just a combination of all those things that brought it together. I was totally intrigued.

What about Eva spoke to you? Did you relate to her rebellious/curious nature? Eva is a really curious person and we’re in totally different situations. We’re not really that similar, but I totally understand her thought process and the fact that she does have this curiosity and she knows there is something more out there, even though she doesn’t know exactly what it is. I’d be itching to find out as well.

What was it like to lead a film? People know you primarily as a supporting player on this long-running show, but in this film you really had to hold your own; you’re in almost every scene. I was really excited. The rest of the cast is super, super rad an it was a really fun experience. The environment on set was really great. It was a fun time and also a good experience and a nice challenge.

It wasn’t a challenge that intimidated you?I think scary is good, I do. It definitely was scary but the fact that there were great people around and supporting the film — there’s definitely a sense of ease there because everyone else is so great.

With your work on “Mad Men” now over, what’s your game plan going forward with regards to your career? It’s pretty hard to envision anything super-specific because you just never know. But as far as material goes that I want to do, it’s stuff that does scare me and is challenging. Material that is fun and with good people [laughs]… hopefully, fingers crossed. But just constantly being challenged and working on material that I like is the dream.

You seem so incredibly grounded. You’re poised and more confident that most folks your age. What do you attest that maturity level to? I don’t know. I think it’s important to be surrounded by good people and I certainly could attest it to that I guess. [laughs] To be honest, this is me. [laughs] So I don’t know. There are a lot of fun people around me, and they’re so nice. I’ve been lucky to work with great people and family and friends and all that, so it’s probably all that. What was running through your head during your last day on the set of “Mad Men”?

It was super, super emotional and quite surreal. It didn’t really feel like it was happening because I went to set— I had gone to set so many times before and then it all just felt so familiar. And then all of a sudden you realize it’s the last time you’re going to do this, and the last time you’re going to do that. Just a bunch of lasts, which was kind of crazy. And then obviously when you wrap, when you’re done… done…done, I was super emotional because it was a really big part of my life and it felt like this chapter closing. The best word to describe it is: very, very emotional.

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I’ve added 50+ high quality and medium quality images of Kiernan Shipka out and about in California to our photo gallery.

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Kiernan Shipka’s new indie filmed “One & Two” is said to have it’s premiere at SXSW sometime this year! And added to our gallery is a lovelystill of Kiernan from the film, many thanks to

ONE & TWO takes place in a mysterious farmhouse, where a family of four maintain a routine and isolated existence. As siblings Zac and Eva explore unusual abilities and dark family secrets, their loving mother falls gravely ill, splintering the family and threatening to tear the children apart. Starring: Kiernan Shipka, Timothee Chalamet, Elizabeth Reaser, Grant Bowler